Participants List
First Last Sbup Organization Team Name
Janet Amos Holcomb   Kelley Group
Tammy Atwood   Lady Laura and the Texas Shooting Stars
Jeff Banker   Shoot'em in the Clays
David Beam   Shoot'em in the Clays
Captain Chad Bell   6 STRONG
John Bender   Lead Rain
Phil Berkebile   The Dallas Gun Club
Captain Laura Berry   Lady Laura and the Texas Shooting Stars
Captain Jack Broderick   Fast Movers
Captain Braden Brown   The Young Guns
Scott Brown   TEAM M&N
Eric Brown   TJ Inspection
Tommy Bruton   TJ Inspection 2
Dale Budzon   Kelley Group
John Calandro   The Dallas Gun Club
Catherine Carr   Lady Laura and the Texas Shooting Stars
Patti Carrell   Lady Laura and the Texas Shooting Stars
Rockey Casey   TJ Inspection 3
Justin Casey   TJ Inspection
Jaun Castillo   TJ Inspection
Chandler Cink   TJ Inspection
Chase Cink   TJ Inspection 2
Captain David Coffey Nationwide Express Nationwide Express
Charlie Coffey   Nationwide Express
Romeo Collazo   The NRA Good Guns
Captain Kevin Crawford   The Delta Kilo Foundation
Ben Dalby   6 STRONG
Captain Don DeGroot   The Dallas Gun Club
Martin Diaz    
David Dougherty    
Sal Echel   Hellfire 6
Captain Terry English   The Good Bad and Lucky
Bruce Evans   The NRA Good Guns
Kurt Farasyn   TJ Inspection
Captain Chad Faulkner   KS Shooters
Art Fletcher   In It To Win It
Cally Galloway   Shoot'em in the Clays
Jason Ginos   Southern Pines Brewing
Lupe Gonzales   TJ Inspection 2
Tony Goode   TEAM M&N
Elizabeth Grundy   Disk Dusters
Captain Chip Grundy   Hellfire 6
Tom Grundy   The Young Guns
James Grundy   The Young Guns
Vaughan Grundy, IV   The Young Guns
Robert Guice   The Dallas Gun Club
Grey Hammett   The Delta Kilo Foundation
Harry Harbourt   Hellfire 6
Captain Chris Hartley   TJ Inspection 3
Captain Chip Hasty   Southern Pines Brewing
Kyle Henry   TEAM M&N
Bobby Holcomb   Nationwide Express
Mike Ioia   Disk Dusters
Devin James   Shoot'em in the Clays
Captain Tricia Junghanns TJ Inspection TJ Inspection
Greg Keefer   Southern Pines Brewing
Scott Lawler   Mongrels
Brooks Lawley   6 STRONG
Everett Lawley   The NRA Good Guns
Matt Lewandowski   In It To Win It
Denny Long   The Good Bad and Lucky
Cheryl Long   The Good Bad and Lucky
Cheng Ma   The Good Bad and Lucky
Captain Phil Marquell   Kelley Group
Doug Martin   Fast Movers
Captain David May   The Expendables
Captain Ronnie McCan   Disk Dusters
Stephen McCan   Disk Dusters
Jerry McCan   Disk Dusters
Doug McComb   Kelley Group
Kevin McGuire   Fast Movers
Brian McLean   TEAM M&N
Justin Micheal   Nationwide Express
Ivan Moorehead   Lead Rain
Ray Morrison   Shoot'em in the Clays
Rob Nash   Mongrels
Samantha Nydam   TJ Inspection 3
Wade Owens   Southern Pines Brewing
Clay Pelot   Nationwide Express
Captain Steve Pettit   Mongrels
Wilson Phillips   The NRA Good Guns
Captain Ralph Reilly   Lead Rain
Captain Mike Reynolds   In It To Win It
DK Reynolds   6 STRONG
Kley Reynolds   6 STRONG
Christin Rowan   Mongrels
Captain Tel Royal   TJ Inspection 2
Mark Russell   Nationwide Express
Blake Sawyer   Fast Movers
Vince Scarlatella   The Young Guns
George Schneble   Hellfire 6
Captain Esther Schneider   The NRA Good Guns
Kevin Schwantz   The Expendables
Trent Scott   TJ Inspection 3
Top Secret   In It To Win It
Brad Seidel   The Expendables
Lilly Sharp   Lady Laura and the Texas Shooting Stars
Brant Smith   The Expendables
Ford Smith, Jr. / Michael McBee   In It To Win It
Andy Stahl   Mongrels